Update ( 05/01/2021) HAPPY NEW YEAR – With the recent announcement from the government we would like to assure our customers that we will open for business as usual throughout the lockdown. While we do not anticipate any changes to our business if there are any delays or shortages of stock, we will ensure to communicate any delays in delivery to any orders placed as soon as we are aware.

At this point we are currently facing a shortage of YBS Superquilt 1.5m, please note we currently are able to supply YBS Superquilt 1.2m. They YBS Superquilt is due back into stock for delivery on the 22/01/2021. If you have any queries relating to the YBS range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In relation to all other brands and ranges we currently hold a healthy stock and do not see any interruptions to the supply and demand.

Update (13/12/2020) CHRISTMAS DELIVERY NOTICE – Please note deliveries will stop on the 23rd of December 2020 and resume on the 4th of January 2021. Make sure you order in time if you require your goods before Christmas. In addition to this there will be reduced customer service during this period, if you have any queries please send us an email. 

Update (18/11/2020) To review our business over the lockdown, we have been able to complete all our orders for PIR Insulation and continue to have one of the biggest stocks in the UK. Nearly all of our orders have been delivered within our 2-6 working days delivery schedule. We continue to notice manufacturers struggling to supply the product, however, our strong stocks are ensuring we do not face any shortages across the various thickness of PIR and Insulated Plasterboard (PL4000 and alternatives). Please ensure you continue to follow the guidance set out below on 1/11/20. We continue to assure our customers that we are more than able to meet any order requirements.

Update (2/11/2020) Just to reiterate, we shall be operating business as usual during the lockdown. Please be mindful of the sharp increase in online orders, resulting in our delivery schedule pushing from 2-5 working days to 2-6 working days. Please follow the guidance set out below on 1/11/20.

Update (1/11/2020) Following the Prime Ministers announcement for England to go into lockdown from Thursday (5/11/20), we have noticed a big surge in orders being placed. We would like to reinforce a few conditions of sale we have been following for the past few weeks.

  1. Due to the continued PIR shortage, you will receive any brand of PIR available. Generally, our stocks will be a mix of Celotex, Recticel, Xtratherm, Ecotherm and Kingspan. All the PIR boards are direct equivalents of each other in terms of thermal values. We may be able to accommodate preferences, but these will be on a request basis, and you will be informed if it cannot be met.
  2. In order to maintain our consistent level of service, we would advise you to place orders online and email any issues/changes/etc you will to make to ensure they are completed.
  3. We will be operating a new delivery schedule of 2-6 working days to ensure we are able to cope with the big influx of orders.
  4. In terms of plasterboard, you will receive Knauf as purchased, or you may be substituted to alternative brands – Siniat, British Gypsum, or Make Good. Substitutions are required due to the continued material shortage facing the country.
  5. In terms of rolls of insulation (glass wool), in certain circumstances, we may have to substitute you for any of the three brands we stock; Isover, Knauf, and Superglass. The again is to ensure prompt deliveries in the fewest drops.
  6. Please ensure you check that your road is suitable for a large curtain sider vehicle (26 tonnes). Failed deliveries could be chargeable if not brought to our attention at the point of ordering.
  7. Please be patient with us, we have noticed our orders triple just this weekend, and we will be working extended office ours to ensure these are processed promptly and aim to get a confirmation back within 24 hours, and in the worst case 2 working days.
  8. Please ensure you check your delivery for accuracy, due to current strain of delivery resources, we will not be able to accommodate returns on our vehicles, and any returns that need to be done, would need to be sent to one of our depots at your own expense.
  9. We will not be accepting any orders for roof tiles until Jan 2021.

We would like to confirm we still have very good supplies of all PIR products in Celotex, Recticel and Xtratherm. We would like to thank all existing and new customers of Insulation Hub for their continued support. We will be able to continue supplying at are regular volumes, but we must reiterate that we may have to provide an alternative brand to ensure prompt delivery. Please all stay safe during these challenging times.

Update (21/10/2020) We would like to confirm we still have very good supplies of all PIR products in Celotex, Recticel and Xtratherm. We are quoting 2-5 working days for deliveries. We would like to thank all existing and new customers of Insulation Hub for their continued support. We will be able to continue supplying at are regular volumes, but we must reiterate that we may have to provide an alternative brand to ensure a prompt delivery.

Update (08/10/2020) Please note on the 7th October 2020, Kingspan announced that they will be implementing immediately a month allocation on all PIR products, due to continued short supply of the key component MDI. As a result the remaining manufacters are likely to follow suit in an announced or discrete manner. We have been anticipating this news for the last few weeks and steadily built a stock of PIR boards in 4 brands of insulation (Celotex, Recticel, Xtratherm & Ecotherm). We will be able to continue supplying at are regular volumes, but we must reiterate that we may have to provide an alternative brand to ensure a prompt delivery. Please ensure if you wish to have specific brand, this must be put in the notes section at the checkout page. We have always ensured we keep strong relationships with all the manufacters, and thus we are in a much stronger position to supply insulation over the coming weeks that many of our competitors. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support and custom through a difficult 2020.

Update (28/09/2020) Please note we are noticing great PIR shortages across the brands. We anticipate the situation getting worse over the coming weeks as both businesses and consumers stock up before the big price rise (15%) on the 1st of November. A gentle reminder that we may substitute certain lines in a different brand (insulation & plasterboard). Please explicitly state in the notes if you cant accept an alternative brand in order to speed up your delivery. Any substitutes made will be of equal technical performance. If a substitution is made, we will bare the extra cost to fulfil the order and no additional costs will be passed to customer unknowingly. Lastly please note that Celotex has officialy run out of 12mm TB4012 Celotex in their central warehouse. We hold approximately 1300 sheets across our network and will update customers as these stocks fall. We have kept over 500 sheets available in our London depot for delivery close to and within the M25 region. 

Update (24/09/2020) We have had a confirmation from Celotex that a 15% price increase is confirmed for any orders delivered from the 1st of November. This is seeing a large increase in sales for Celotex and other brands of PIR. We have invested in our own storage and without logistics partners to increase our stock holdings through the ranges. With the PL range of insulated plasterboard being an issue, we are pleased to announce we have over a 1000 sheet stock holding of PL4025 & PL4040 which we are maintaining on a weekly basis. Strong sales have eaten into our large stock holding of 50mm and 120mm, so we have reacted to ensure we increase our buying of these sizes to ensure a continuous supply of Celotex at the best price in the country. Lastly, the timber industry is suffering seriously due to increased sales in the US of European timber from Sweden, Latvia, and the Baltics. This is coupled with low log availability to machine into carcassing. The timber shortages are expected to get worse well into the winter. Using our network of partners, and our own healthy stocks we are able to offer timber strongly. We would like to advise, 6m timbers will primarily be available only in London, though some of our partners still have stocks nationwide. We are utilizing our supplier chain loyalty to ensure we receive healthy stocks. Please note all orders for tiles must be emailed to us before making payments due to nationwide shortages. 

Update (15/09/2020) We are continuously delivering on our promise of delivering orders within 2-4 days, but generally, we are seeing a lot of orders being delivered within 24 hours –  48 hours of ordering (working days). As others are suffering shortages in Celotex, we have ensured we are keeping good stock holdings. With over 1200 sheets of 100mm Celotex in our stockholding, we ensure our customers are getting the stock when they need it. We have increased our stockholdings on all of the special offer lines (25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm) ensuring a continuous supply of our impossible to beat special offers. Celotex is under pressure to produce enough of the PL range so ensure you receive the items in time for your project, we would encourage early ordering of this range of insulated plasterboards. Lastly, we would like to thank all our new and old customers for their continued support of the Insulation Hub, the cheapest insulation website in the UK. 

Update (07/08/2020) As the effects of Coronavirus are starting to take effect on the economy, we at Insulation Hub have chosen to do our bit to help save our customers even more on their purchases. We have dropped the price of 100mm Celotex to £25+vat. This is the cheapest price ever on the internet. All stock is brand new and fresh from Celotex. We DO NOT sell seconds. Rest assured you will receive a fresh batch of stock of PIR insulation. We thank all our customers for their continued support of our business, as we try to help our customers save even more money during these challenging times. If you find a cheaper price for 100mm Celotex than £25+vat we will beat, that’s how confident we are on our pricing. 

Update (31/07/2020) Please note there is a shortage of Celotex Insulation. If we are unable to supply you with Celotex brand, we will supply you an alternative. If you do not want a substitute please make sure you specify in the customer notes upon checkout.

Update (23/07/2020) We have listened to our customers and added more quantity breaks for better prices for the favourite Celotex thicknesses (50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm). Even though we are consistently the cheapest website for Celotex, we wanted to help our customers with further savings on the majority of our products. The more you buy, the more you save. Tyvek deliveries are now consistently happening in the 1-2 working day time frame. We have reflected our estimated dates on these to reflect those products with fast and free delivery.  

Update (12/07/2020) With summer here now, we are seeing delivery times improving for Insulation products. In general its 2-3 working days now. We will email you a confirmed delivery date within 1 working day. Please ensure you check your junk/spam folder for our confirmation of delivery dates. We are proud to announce we now completely a regular price check of our competition to ensure we are consistently the cheapest on the internet. This lets you buy with ease knowing you will have the best prices for the goods in your basket. If you have a cheaper written quote we will beat, please email [email protected] with the full order details and shipping address. 

We are proud to say we the cheapest on the internet for Celotex, Isover, Knauf, Kingspan, and Rockwool. We will not be beaten on price and our 5* service. 

Update (08/07/2020) We have taken on board our customer feedback and have revised our delivery charges. 

  • Insulation, plasterboard, building materials, roof tiles
    • Order Value – More than £300+vat = Free Delivery
    • Order Value – More than £200+vat but below £300+vat = £25+vat Delivery Charge
    • Order Value – Less than £200+vat = £50+vat Delivery Charge
  • Velux Windows
    • There is a set fee of £30+vat on all velux orders
  • Tyvek products
    • The is no minimum order value for free delivery, all Tyvek products will be shipped for free.

Update (05/07/2020) Due to high demands for Tyvek products, we have increased our stock holding to over 500 rolls at any one time. We will dispatch any Tyvek orders on the same day as ordering if placed before 10 am. We pay for next day service, but given the current strain on the postal system allow 1-3 days to receive your orders. Multi finish is now becoming available in certain regions but the wait will be from 3-4 weeks in most areas. Certain areas such as Bristol and South Wales are experiencing extremely long delays of up to 8 weeks. Lastly, we are predicting a shortage in PIR products such as Celotex and Recticel due to a reduction in the supply of the raw material MDI. We would encourage customers to pre-plan their insulation needs so as not to be disappointed in the future. We are accessing the situation on a daily basis and will advise our customers when the leads times extend. At the moment we are still processing orders within 24 hours, with the majority of deliveries completed in 2-3 days. Certain areas and unusual products may be slightly long 2-5 days. 

Update (26/06/2020) Please ensure you are checking your junk/spam email folder for our order confirmations. Some customer’s emails are filtering our confirmations into the junk/spam folder and they are not seeing the delivery dates. To avoid disappointment and any missed delivery charges, please ensure you check them. 

Update (15/06/2020) We are now dispatching Tyvek using TNT mail from our own stocks, this ensures you receive a prompt delivery on the Tyvek range. We hold big stocks of Tyvek Housewrap, Tyvek Supro 1m, Tyvek Supro 1.5m, Tyvek Supro Plus 1.5m, Tyvek AirGuard Reflective, Tyvek AirGuard Control, Tyvek Acrylic Single Sided Tape And Tyvek Double Sided Butyl Tape. Tyvek products order before 9am are dispatched on the same day and TNT is delivering most Tyvek Deliveries on a next day delivery, but given the current circumstance expect it within 2-3 days. Unlike much of our competition, we are physically holding the stock to ensure prompt delivery. We continue to successfully deliver Celotex, Recticel And Ecotherm insulation within 2-5 days of ordering. To ensure continued prompt delivery you may be switched to Celotex or Recticel depending on regional availability. If you do not want to be substituted clearly mark this in your notes when ordering. We will ensure you get what you want as promptly as possible. We are now confirming delivery dates within 24 hours, normally in just a few hours, except for exceptional orders, but our team is ready to put at ease answering any questions you have. Lastly, we are running our LiveChat web messaging service from 6.30am till 9pm, and some nights we try to keep this running till 11pm to help our customers with their questions and requirements. If you prefer you can email us for a prompt response. We would like to thank all our repeat customers for their continued trust in the Insulation Hub.

Update (02/06/2020) Delivery charges changed to £50 plus Vat on orders under £300 ( previously £500). Some orders may incur additional charges depending on couriers. Plasterboard orders may see a delayed delivery time due to supply shortages. Deliveries in West London can now be speeded up with the use of couriers. 

Update (23/5/2020) – Deliveries are continuing to be successfully delivered to virtually all of our customers, we are now also covering Devon & Cornwall. Our coverage of Scotland continues to grow around Glasgow and Edinburgh, and we continue to go further afield for larger orders. Lastly, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend orders for plasters including Multi-Finish. We have not seen a consistent delivery of stock and don’t expect the situation to improve for at least 4 weeks. Once it improves we will allow orders to resume for this range. Our delivery coverage is virtually back to pre-lockdown and our prompt deliveries are keeping us a leading supplier of insulation nationwide.

Update (17/5/2020) – Deliveries are continuing to be successfully delivered to virtually all of our customers, we are now also covering parts of South, Middle, and North Wales. Our coverage of Scotland has been good around Glasgow and Edinburgh, and we are able to go further afield for larger orders. Please note as plasterboard becomes more difficult to get, we have secured regular loads for all 3 of the main plasterboard manufacturers in the UK. As a result, when you order Knauf plasterboard, you may receive any of the 3 brands; Knauf, Siniat, or British Gypsum. By holding our own stocks unlike many websites, we are able to continue offering a prompt and reliable delivery service. You are buying with confidence when you purchase from the Insulation Hub.  We have continually increased the number of drivers and couriers we are using to keep up with increasing demand. Choose the best, buy from Insulation Hub, the worry-free solution. Lastly, with Multi Finish, we are seeing an improving situation, and expect deliveries to resume in early June. To ensure prompt deliveries, we may substitute the brand ordered. This is ensuring deliveries dates are kept to during the extreme surge in demand for our services.

Update (6/5/2020) – 99% of deliveries are occurring within 1-5 working days. We are seeing a big improvement in stocks and delivery times. We hold our own stocks as well, enabling us to deliver on our promised delivery times. We have increased the number of drivers and couriers we are using to keep up with increase demand. Order with Insulation Hub and you will not be dissapointed with the prompt deliveries at prices that are not inflated.

Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and Government advice, we have had to make significant changes to our business. Outlined below are the changes we made and how they will affect you. 

  • Reduced availability of delivery slots, supplies and suppliers.
  • Mainly supplying to selected areas in the following counties/cities:- 
    • Bedfordshire
    • Berkshire
    • Bristol
    • Buckinghamshire
    • Cambridge
    • Cheshire
    • Cumbria
    • Derbyshire
    • Dorset
    • Durham
    • East Riding
    • East Sussex
    • Edinburgh
    • Essex
    • Fife
    • Glamorganshire
    • Glasgow
    • Gloucestershire
    • Greater Manchester
    • Gwent
    • Hampshire
    • Herefordshire
    • Hertfordshire
    • Kent
    • Lancashire
    • Leicestershire
    • Lincolnshire
    • London
    • Merseyside
    • Norfolk
    • Northamptonshire
    • Northumberland
    • Nottinghamshire
    • Oxfordshire
    • Shropshire
    • Shropshire
    • Somerset
    • South Lanarkshire
    • South Yorkshire
    • Staffordshire
    • Staffordshire
    • Suffolk
    • Surrey
    • Tyne & Wear
    • Warwickshire
    • West Midlands
    • West Sussex
    • West Yorkshire
    • Wiltshire
    • Worcestershire
  • Please contact us if you are unsure if we can deliver to you.
  • Orders can be placed on backorder, this will mean your delivery will be made after the lockdown has ended
  • Nationwide delivery will resume after the lockdown has ended, you can places these orders now.

In the interest of Health and Safety, the Government has imposed a ‘lockdown’ on the country, this will there mean that the number of staff attending work and the number of suppliers that will open has decreased significantly. We will there have a shorter supply of goods as well as fewer distributors. What does this mean for you:-

    • We may not be able to supply all the goods that are listed on our website,
    • We may not be able to supply certain areas. 
    • Delivery times may be longer or get pushed back due to supplier issues. 
    • Delivery charges changed to £50 plus Vat on orders under £300. Some orders may incur additional charges depending on couriers.
  • Orders placed before receiving current Government advise and not yet received

There is a high possibility these orders will face the issues outlined in the point above. We will do our best to try and fulfil these orders, we may have to offer you the following –

    • A substitution for the product you requested.
    • We will hold your order in a priority queue and will fulfil the order as soon as well possible can
    • A full refund on the cancellation of the order 
  • If at any point you need to contact please do not hesitate to do so, you may contact us via the following ways