Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and Government advise, we have had to make significant changes to our business. Outlined below are the changes we made and how they will affect you. 

  • Reduced availability of delivery slots, supplies and suppliers.

In the interest of Health and Safety, the Government has imposed a ‘lockdown’ on the country, this will there mean that the number of staff attending work and the number of suppliers that will open has decreased significantly. We will there have a shorter supply of goods as well as fewer distributors. What does this mean for you:-

    • We may not be able to supply all the goods that are listed on our website,
    • We may not be able to supply certain areas. 
    • Delivery times may be longer. 
  • Orders placed before receiving current Government advise and not yet received

There is a high possibility these orders will face the issues outlined in the point above. We will do our best to try and fulfil these orders, we may have to offer you the following –

    • A substitution for the product you requested.
    • We will hold your order in a priority queue and will fulfil the order as soon as well possible can
    • A full refund on the cancellation of the order 
  • If at any point you need to contact please do not hesitate to do so, you may contact us via the following ways